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What our clients have to say about Chameleon Communications Inc.:

"As Senior Producer for Trainor Associates, a regional ad agency, I produce hundreds of TV and radio spots per year, many for major markets. Ninety-nine percent of this is done with Chameleon sound. I believe this speaks for itself, but I would add that beyond the clarity of their tracks, and their superb ability to supply the 'right' talent and music, I have found the professionals at Chameleon to be extraordinary in their responsiveness to my often immediate concerns. I would unconditionally recommend Chameleon to anyone (save my direct competitors.)"

Krista Perry Dunn - Senior Producer
Trainor Associates, New Hartford, NY


"Kim and Alan have the ability to take what I hear and make it better, and usually in a hurry. I couldn't ask for anything more, but they also offer fresh talent, patience, humor and the ability to work with my clients diplomatically. Just don't ask them to spell that last word."

Kihm Winship -
Copywriter/Media Producer

Chase Design, Skaneateles, NY


"These guys are professional, responsive, fast and darn good at what they do, which is why I use Chameleon for just about all of our audio needs. Kim and Alan have a unique gift to match the right voice and music to make any spot special. I trust their judgment and know that the job always gets done well and when it's supposed to. And that means pleased clients & a spat of awards and accolades on the wall. Heck, that isn't all, the Chameleon crew is composed of super nice people. They're a pleasure to work with and rewarding to do business with. Thank you Chameleon! ."

Randall Huffaker - Creative Director
Alchemist Branding, Tuscaloosa, AL