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Ann GayleyMature realism with great acting chops, comic ability, too
Annette Daniels-TaylorAfrican-American young mom, co-worker, credible presenter
April JonesAfrican-American real person, wry with good humor
Barbara LarouWarm, mature presenter or believable friend or relative
Bernadette VandenberghSmooth, deep maturity with good characters
Beth DonohueLower register, smooth presenter
Bethany SparacioLively, unpredictable with good range
Bonnie Jean TaylorYoung, crisp, sultry presenter with great real people
Carol WilliamsHigh energy retail with lower-key possibilities
Christina RausaClean, friendly, believable with good range
Claudia CatalanoEnergetic, flexible mom-type with great retail
Debra Stamp*Warmth, authority, confidant, motivating
Diane CurleyCrisp, great presenter, real with great Brit as well
Eileen DuganSmooth, rich delivery, can be wry or humorous
Freyda SchneiderYouthful yet rich presentation, surprising character, also Spanish
Ginger GeofferyBright, friendly clean mom and crisp presenter
Hillary WalkerYoung, bright, smooth and sultry when needed
Jen DeyoEnergetic, young, bright, charming and sweet
Jennifer FitzeryRefreshingly off-beat, makes you look at life a new way
Jermain CooperAfrican-American mom with rich presentation
Joanne FleischmanMature, perky, fun-loving yet sincere
Kathleen GoldeDown to Earth, girl next door, sassy, timeless, coy
Kay KerimianSolid, pleasant, makes the point
Katie OwczarczakYoung, light vulnerable with a sultry note
Linda PellegrinoEnergetic retail presenter with warmth when needed
Linda SteinClean presenter with nice energy and warmth
Lisa ScottConfident, motivating, from Mom to girl next door
Loraine O'DonnellGood energy, good range of characters and presentation
Lorna C. HillDistinguished African-American presenter with believable authority
Margo Davis Real, caring, savvy, sunny, wry humor
Marilyn MendelsonMature, clean presentation that makes you think
Marisa CarusoYoung, enthusiastic, believable
Mary CraigRich, reasoned African-American presenter
Mary StahlThe girl next door has grown up. Lively and fun
Mary Van VorstGrounded, classy, intelligent, silky smooth, charismatic
Megan CallahanYounger voice, perky yet smoky, realistic presenter
Melissa Kate MillerBright and energetic, warm and a bit younger sound
Paula Venné Bright, warm, rhythmic, caring, from sensuous to Mom
Renea WilczakMid-range, real energy and warmth with a bit of huskiness
Shanda FryPerky and probably too cute for her own good
Shayna Raichilson-ZadokYounger, bright, clean, warm
Sharon NicholasSmooth retail with a great sultry note
Susan RozlerFriendly, real, next-door mom, but can get whacky
Terri DavisEnergetic, clean and crisp African-American presenter
Toni Silveri Intimate, grounded, warm, wry, natural
Val BelloSmart, sassy, knowing with a hint of danger