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For over 40 years, Chameleon Communications has provided our clients award-winnning audio production. Though located in western New York State, ad agencies, corporations, radio stations, and fellow production facilities throughout the northeast have availed themselves of our services. In fact a large percentage of our business is with people just like you, a friendly, disembodied voice more interested in providing quality work for their clients than which A/E had low gross at the P.T Barnum golf tournament.

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We offer a full range of audio services from simple voice-overs to original "music-to-picture" film scoring. With 2 Digidesign ProTools workstations, over 30,000 sound effects from Hollywood Edge, Digiffects, DeWolfe and Sound Ideas, and over 100,000 selections (at last count!) of music from the Killer Tracks (including Atmosphere, Network & Killer Edge), FirstCom, American & Metro libraries, we are well-equipped to make your production go smoothly and efficiently no matter how complex and demanding, all within a fully digital environment.

In an era when "cutting edge" can often be a euphemism for "fly-by-night" we are proud that many of our clients have been so from the beginning. We think that such longevity is truest testament to the quality of the services we provide. So whether you're an experienced, 'hands-on' producer looking for a new talent resource to tap or a novice just recently thrown into the fray, Chameleon believes that your project is the most important we've ever worked on. And, from initial contact to final mix transfer, every effort is made to bring your concept to reality, your vision to fruition, and to bring an award to your boardroom.

You can reach Chameleon Communications Inc. at the following:

    Chameleon Communications Inc.
    510 Franklin Street
    Buffalo, New York 14202
    Tel: (800) 806-1032
    Local Tel: (716) 886-6300
    Fax: (716) 886-6302
    Email: Click Here
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    Also look for us (and other great resources!) at adhub.com