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Dustin HummelYouthful, caring, inventive, honest, trustworthy
Brian MarshYoung, free-spirited, non-conforming
Jonathan ScallonYoung, hip, light energy and great retail
Jason MussachioHonest, youthful vibe, real, contemporary
David ButlerYoung, believable presenter who could live next-door
Paul MartinYounger dad, brother, someone you know
Mike O'Brian*Friendly, believable presenter
Nicholas PicholasHigh-energy to relaxed, wide-ranging presenter
Adriano GattoRecognizably young with rich distinctive interpretation
Guy BalotineFun-loving Brit that can be serious, real, or off-beat
Jerry MacKay Warm, likable, earnest, mid-range charm
Paul TodaroDeep authority combines with wry presentation
Chris NichterFriendly, sincere, from straight to cool characters
Dan WalkerAuthoritative voice with ability to create very real people
Brian MysliwyFlexible, real presenter with wide range of characters
Norman Daniels Rich, deep African American with authority plus vibrant characters
Jon MayPleasing vocal texture, inherently sincere, humorous, a best friend
Kevin IuzziniYounger voice with great authority and warmth
Michael Civisca Conversational story teller, relaxed reflections, entertainingly smooth
Mike Dugan Great everyman, mid-range charm, comedic characters, rugged and real
Bob FiordalisoRich textured baritone with a wide variety of styles
John GurtlerBig voice, sports, authority, excitement, awards
Bill LacyPowerful authority with natural friendliness
Bob TaylorWide range from super-friendly to authority
Jack LoCastroLovable characters from every continent
Peter O'Connell*Inviting, individual, friendly, fun and flip characters
Phil KnoerzerNatural, guy-next-door, warm story-teller
Wilson CurryFolksy baritone who tells it like it is
Rodney ApplebyAfrican-American dad, neighbor, presenter with warmth and humor
Pete PalmisanoMature, trustworthy, fun, wildly comedic
Jon SummersSeasoned authority, boundless energy, warmth when needed
Steve CooperDeep, dramatic, confident, smooth, mysterious
Tom McCrayReliable authoritative presenter with high-energy sell when needed
Dan McMahon*Rich, arresting, straight announce to real people, national sound
Jack MindyMature, real, but can sell with the best of them
Jerry ReoMature presenter with real, neighborly feel
David LambBritish presenter that can handle serious to humor
Dennis KeefeDeep authority that can reason with you, scare you or make you smile
Don GalloA real person you know with some offbeat aspects
Doug Paulson*Rich, polished, national in every respect
Vincent O'NeillBritish and Irish presentation, and story-telling characters
Steve MitchellMature authoritative presenter with some whacky on the side
Richard HummertMature everyman, blue-collar worker, put-upon character
Bill CluneMature, folksy, friendly with authority when needed
Dave MayMature spokesman that can pull off some interesting characters
Saul ElkinRich, mature gravitas in a believable presenter
Phil ScheelerMature experience, warm and folksy, wise, authoritative
Brian LaTulipMature guy next door