Couldn't wear less

From the brain of designer Christy Cham, CHAM has been put on this planet to elevate the everyday. We create simplicity in getting dressed to give you the tools to become who you already are.

Set in Los Angeles, CHAM was born from Christy’s background in cinematic costume design. Creating cosmos from cloth and Sci-Fi worlds from a turn-of-sleeve, a rare materiality or a subtle colorway, Christy knows how to reach that perfect fit. Which is why she has created a collection of versatile pieces that feel great, regardless of your flex, form or flux. By offering the comfort and push to explore your edges, you can get up, get dressed and feel cute. These are basics that aren’t basic.

Come as you are

We’ve done enough costumes for film to know what you want: a flattering fit, elegance and ease. Between custom fabrics and effortlessly cool design, we’ve done the homework for you.

Wear Less

Our collections allow you to wear more with less, because less is always more. A simple cashmere bra. A stocking-thick tee. These are the basics of everyday sublimity.

Don't think about it

Our attention to detail is obsessive, but we know simple just feels good. We offer a select number of pieces in core and seasonal colors. Everything matches everything. Everything fits all body shapes. Forget the daily closet panic. You don’t even need to think about it.

hey, it’s christy

Everyone knows I’m a perfectionist. Which means I drive everyone crazy. I’m obsessive over color, fit, feel and every minute detail. Even my first collection was inspired by one fabric I brushed past in a store and just fell in love with. It felt like an incredible pair of tights (I know, but trust me) and I just wanted one of everything in it, in every shade.

I couldn’t get hold of what I was picturing anywhere, because it turns out that it was a rare blend from Southern France. Not easy to find. So, I created the range I wanted. And, after changing the brand name five times, I thought I’d go for something totally original. Like my last name.

I’ve worked hard and I’ve been lucky. I’ve designed for Star Trek, Dune and Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon. And with CHAM, I wanted to put that annoying obsession and energy for fit into a line that meant every person wearing it could feel great without effort.